Trojan Course is a 3D local multiplayer co-op game were you and your friends play as greek soldiers who must work together in order to operate the Trojan Horse from the inside to reach Troy! Players can control any part of the horse and coordinate as a team in order to conquer hazards and enemies. First, you take over Troy, and eventually, Mount Olympus!

For this project, I worked in a team as the lead artist, animator, and 3D character modeler. I created the concept art for each character along with doing the 3D modeling, textures, rigging, and animations. I wanted to create a vibrant look with exaggerated features to create a cartoon aesthetic for the characters in order to capture the comedic essence of the game. I used Maya to model and animate each of the characters. I then imported the models to Blender to finish the animations and paint textures onto them. 

Project Roles:


Lead Artist & Animator - Kaley Blackwell

Lead Programmer & Level Designer - Marco Cortes

Lead Environmental Artist & Background Assets - Claudia Medina Lopez

Help Athena, the goddess of war, to take over the Trojans!

Coordinate as a team, and take control of the Trojan Horse!

Inside The Horse.jpg

Strategically maneuver through obstacles in Troy by dodging boulders, ducking under arches, and stomping on your enemies!

Horse Flipping Over Gif (Shorter).gif

Take over the city of Troy and defeat the Trojan king!

Troy Night Gif.gif