Dragon Wall is an 80's style Breakout game. You play as a knight who must protect the village from a fire breathing dragon! Deflect the fireballs with your shield to prevent the village from getting burned and hit the bricks to gain points! Clear an opening so you can strike the dragon with the deflected fireballs in order to defeat him!

For this project, I worked in a team as one of the illustrators and programmers. I helped to illustrate some of the artwork by digitally hand painting in Photoshop. I also programmed the power-ups while also helping to code the fireball movement and brick breaking.

Project Roles:


Artist & Programmer - Kaley Blackwell

Artist & Level Designer - William Lynn

Programmer & Music Designer - Mike Relleva

Protect the village from the dragons' fire with your shield!


Hit the bricks to gain points and powerups! 

Animated GIF-downsized (5).gif

Deflect the fireballs and hit the dragon to defeat him!

dragon 2.JPG