Imagery will be a physical therapy app game that uses Motor Imagery which will help people with complex regional pain syndrome and other types of pain issues. Imagery currently has 3 mini-games that are based on the Left/ Right Discrimination part of the Motor Imagery treatment. People with CRPS have a harder time differentiating their left from their right due to the disease. All 3 mini-games are designed to create a mental exercise for physical therapy patients to improve their accuracy and speed for left/ right differentiation. This game is currently in its prototype stage. 

I am the full game developer of this project. I designed the artwork, created the layout, worked on all the programming, and designed the UI elements. I wanted to create a calm soothing feel to the artwork in order to make the player feel comfortable on a subliminal level. The visuals are going to be designed as a distraction to the CRPS patient from their pain.

Project Roles:


Game Developer - Kaley Blackwell

Slide each hand to the correct side as quickly and accurately as you can!

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See how fast you can memorize and select the correct hand before they change!

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Quickly tap the correct hand in this unique game of wack-a-mole!

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