Fox In The Hen House is a charming 3D puzzle game where you play as a farmer who needs to guide your baby chick back to the farm while also blocking foxes who want to eat your baby chick for dinner! Use your mouse to click where you want the farmer to go and step on the color-coordinated switches to close doors. Be careful though! You can only close each door once, and you don't want to accidentally block your baby chick or he'll become fox supper! This game is still a prototype. 

I am the full game developer of this project. I designed the artwork, modeled the animals/ assets, laid out the level, and worked on all the programming. For this game, I created a navmesh that programs the animals to target certain objects. Once the animal knows its target, it will proceed to travel to its destination. In this instance, the fox will target the baby chick, and the baby chick will target the barn house. I wanted to create an art style that was very vibrant and playful to give the game a cute childlike innocence. 

Project Roles:


Game Developer - Kaley Blackwell

Click anywhere to control the direction of the farmer!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

Use your strategy skills to close the right door at the right time! 

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Don't let the foxes get to your baby chick, or he'll become dinner!