Mike's Place! is a unique 2D interactive point and click horror game where you explore a haunted social media page from the 90s of a deceased stranger named Mike. On the surface, this light-hearted profile shows Mike's interests and family life through pictures that you can interact with. As you dig deeper into the web page, you will start to see Mike's profile slowly corrupting that will reveal the ghost that is starting to take over your computer! This game is currently in its prototype stage. 

For this project, I worked in a team as the lead artist, and photo editor. I also helped with the level design along with sound design. We wanted to make sure the aesthetics of this game were spot on with the 90s internet era so I captured photos from my family's old home videos that were recorded on VHS tapes. We made sure to keep the themes, sound, and graphics to a quality that was only achievable in the 90s. I edited the family pictures in photoshop by adding the ghosts, intentionally corrupting the images, and creating the animations. 

Project Roles:


Lead Artist, Lead Photo Editor, & Level Designer - Kaley Blackwell

Lead Programmer, Lead Sound Designer, & Level Designer - Sam Hudgins

The background music that was used is Jungrock from the Jazz Jackrabbit video game.

Find out who Mike is by clicking on his photos and exploring his social media page! 

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Dig deeper into the webpage to discover haunting images of Mike's family!

Ghost pic 6.jpg

Begin to see unsettling corruption of the web browser when the ghost start to take over the website!

Animated GIF-downsized (1).gif